Posted by: Author | February 6, 2023

Tuesday Tales- February 7, 2023- Smoke

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt smoke. I am working on a series of short stories and this one is set in the 1870s in England. The main character is a dance instructor. He’s the son of an earl but was sent abroad after getting up to shenanigans. He made his way back to England and took a job as a dance master in Manchester–far enough that no one from home was likely to run into him.

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“Which one of us is going to get to be your partner in the waltz?” Mary Ann asked.

“None of you. I am going to ask Mrs. Perkins to find another student to join us so we will have an even number.  It will be one of the younger girls or perhaps another of the instructors.”

“That would not be nice of you,” Cecily said. “We can manage without an extra person.”

Henry pulled himself up to his full height and stared down his nose at her as his own nanny had done to him many a time when he was behaving badly. “I believe, Miss, that I am the dance master here and I therefore believe it is my decision as to who is or is not in this class while I am in charge.”

“You do not have to be unkind about it.” She crossed her arms and huffed out a breath.

“Good day, ladies. I suggest you all make your way to whatever is next on your agendas. I have another group coming in a few moments.”

The rest of the afternoon went quickly. Henry definitely enjoyed the younger students more than he did the group that would be venturing out for their first seasons soon. His sisters being so much younger than him had not prepared him for how those girls acted today. He had to stay in this job for a while longer if he ever wanted to be able to go home again. Surely his father would soften his stance on him soon. After all, how long could one expect to be punished for mild peccadillos?

As he made his way back to his quarters, he lit a cheroot. The smoke wafted up around his face and he inhaled deeply. Ahh, a bit of bliss after a hard day of dealing with females.



  1. Great scene. Wonder what his mild indiscretion was. Looking for more.

    • Thanks. I’m wondering too. Haven’t gotten that part yet. Hehehe


  2. Love the way he keeps control of the dance floor and especially the ending with his cheroot! I look forward to seeing what minor sins he committed.

    • thanks Flossie.  I think what he thinks is minor may not be minor to his dad.  LOL!

  3. Oh boy, he has his hands fun! I love how authoritative he is with them. Dying to know hat upset his father. Great job!

    • thanks Tricia!

  4. Wonderful snippet!

    • Thanks


  5. I few innocent peccadillos, eh? Yeah, sure! He made me smile as he’s getting his comeuppance dealing with young females. This is a delightful story. Looking forward to following it along and enjoying more.

    • Thanks Jean.  He def. is in for trouble with these girls.  LOL!

  6. Oh yes, now I’m itching to know the details too. Do tell! Do tell! We all want to know more!
    Poor thing – dealing with all those women LOL

    • Lol. My pantser self has no idea yet what he’s done. Hehehe. Somehow, though, I think he’s getting his punishment with these girls. Lol


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