Posted by: Author | February 8, 2023

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Gosh, I am curious! Is it accurate?

    • It’s two blocks from my office- an old neighborhood being revamped and they put these in as some kind of decor. It’s not really supposed to be accurate, I don’t believe.  Sadly, they are gentrifying it and some people have already been displaced — older houses being bought by developers who are putting up condos/fancy two-story houses that start at $250,000.00 when that area is historically African-American- from the Jim Crow era– and the city fathers are deluding themselves about the effect it is having on the community. .

      • Oh, I am so sorry. I will give this to where I am; they are overzealous much of the time over keeping the historic district intact. However, as always, it’s the singer-not-the-song here, and if they have old family ties, they can get away with destroying some. There are rules that need to be followed for what is put up to make the architecture fit in that they do follow.

      • They have those kinds of rules here too on the architecture, but they have made them so expensive the average person who grew up in this area can’t afford them.  There is one local business man here who has a lot of clout and people seem to roll over for him. He actually said at a meeting I was at that it wasn’t gentrification as they were only building where there weren’t homes before which is a flat out lie.  

      • Oh, the lies here! People move here and want to preserve or restore homes and buildings here but they are terribly strict, the prices are outrageous and the petty tyrants here insist that people even tear down fences that are the same that THEIR people have because it doesn’t meet their codes, even when they are perfectly antique-looking. They say that they are all upset that the downtown/old town is losing shops, but those who own them are the old families, they don’t keep them up and the rests are ridiculous. Many of us and people who thought that they might come here to run businesses cannot make those rents, pay the extra taxes and make a living. The biggest problem seems to be that “the Families” will not allow any competition, and change laws when they need to to stop others.

  2. Cool. I like sidewalk art like this. But just read your response to Tonette. Not too pleased about the displacements. Sigh.

    • Yeah. I like this kind of thing on the sidewalk, too.  I noticed it on my walk one day and snapped the pic.  But yeah. I don’t like chasing people out of their neighborhoods.  Sad

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